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Friends of the Lynne Grundy Memorial Trust Newsletters 2004

Dear Friend,
Another exciting year for the Trust is not quite over yet, but we have made this year's awards, so I'm writing a little early with our news.

We were so delighted this year to receive applications from particularly appropriate candidates, and we made three equal awards to:
Dimitra Fimi from Cardiff University towards completing her thesis on Tolkein's use of Old and Middle English texts;
Melanie Heyworth from Royal Holloway towards presenting her paper on the Exeter Riddles at the Leeds International Medieval Congress in July 2004;
and Carolin Esser from York University towards her expenses in presenting papers on the naming of God in Old English manuscripts at the Leeds and Kalamazoo congresses. These three scholars are doing such exciting work, and came with such enthusiastic supporting references, that our decisions were very easy. Thank you so much for helping us to help them.

We've had more good news this year; an unprecedented level of financial support for the Trust has come from the academic community, with generous donations from the Teachers of Old English in Britain and Ireland, and from the International Society of AngloSaxonists, to whom we're very grateful. And several academics have been extraordinarily helpful, particularly Dr. Mary Swan of Leeds University in arranging for publicity at the international conferences and putting us in touch with supportive organisations and donors. The Trust really has gained a reputation for being of great benefit to students and scholars in need, and we are very grateful for all the help we get from academics and the very generous friends of the Trust, in this important work.

The set-up of the Trust remains the same, and we're delighted that our website is now under construction: you can find details of award winners,
how to apply, how to donate, who we are and what everyone thinks about it
on: and you can email us directly there. This site should greatly increase our ability to reach potential beneficiaries, but will not replace the good old post for those who like to receive the newsletter, nor indeed for sending out application cards and receiving applications.

It's a great priviledge for us to be involved in the Trust, and to be able to carry on Lynne's work in some small way, keeping her name at the very heart of the most important and exciting work in her field today, and it's such a pleasure to receive the very delighted letters from award winners, and to continue to hear of their progress in later years. We do thank you for all your support.
With all good wishes,

Liz Mathews,
and the trustees