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Friends of the Lynne Grundy Memorial Trust Progress Report 1999

Dear Friend,
I'm writing to let you know about the progress of the fund since it began with the donations made at Lynne's funeral.

The Trust was established in June 1998 and became a registered charity in October 1998 with the following expressed objects:
To advance the education of the public by the annual award in perpetuity of a grant to a student or scholar in the disciplines of Old English / Anglo Saxon and / or Humanities Computing who does not already have a permanent full time academic appointment, the grant to be used in the furtherance of these studies and to contribute towards research and publication in these disciplines as a memorial to Lynne Mathews Grundy MA PhD Researcher
and Lecturer at the University of London 1988 to 1997.

The trustees of the fund are Martin Grundy, Peter Mathews, Nick Gallagher and Liz Mathews.

Many generous donations and covenants to the Trust in memory of Lynne have enabled us to invest the fund with the Charities Commission banking service Cafcash, and to realise a substantial annual grant from interest, currently about £500. The award was extensively advertised last year (1998) and in May 1999 the trustees made the first Lynne Grundy Memorial Trust Award to M. Bradford Bedingfield, an American scholar from St Cross College Oxford (supervisor Professor Malcolm Godden) whose thesis Dramatic Ritual and Preaching in Late Anglo-Saxon England was nearing completion but urgently needed a few months' further funding in this country. The trust was delighted to be able to make this worthwhile contribution to the progress of research in this discipline, and to an applicant whose work is so appropriate to Lynne's own interests. We're now eagerly awaiting publication of the work.

The Trust is now preparing for a new group of applicants for next year's award; publicity cards for distribution to students and scholars and any other potential candidates will be available in October 1999 with full application details, and the due date for applications will be 28th February 2000. The trustees are very grateful for all the help they have received in donations and publicity from the many friends of the Trust. We feel we are making a very appropriate and significant memorial for Lynne's own generosity of scholarship and striving for academic excellence. It is particularly important to us that the Lynne Grundy Memorial Trust should be a continuing reminder of these qualities in Lynne and an effective, permanent tribute to her. Donations and covenants are always welcome, and any assistance you can give the Trust particularly in circulating publicity to potential beneficiaries. For more information please contact Liz Mathews Lynne Grundy Memorial Trust 2A East Mount Street London E1 1BA or any of the trustees. Thank you for your support in memory
of Lynne.

On behalf of the trustees