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Friends of the Lynne Grundy Memorial Trust Newsletters 2000

The Trust has had an exciting year since I last wrote to you. After a slow start, a very encouraging number of applications for grants was received by the end of April. The trustees and their advisors were hard-pressed to decide between many deserving applicants, each with an interesting proposal for funding.

Thanks to the healthy growth of the fund and several timely donations, the Trust was able to make five awards this year. These were:
to Felix Nobis, a scholar from Cork University, to help fund his one-man show of his own translation of Beowulf at this year's Edinburgh Festival. The show was a sell-out success, and fabulously reviewed, and Felix hopes to bring it to London soon on tour. He was able to give the Trust a mention in his interviews with Radio Edinburgh, Classic FM and several other good media platforms, and we are delighted to have been involved in such an appropriate project;
to Dr. Susan Thompson, a scholar from Cheshire, to assist in the publication of images for her important book on Anglo Saxon Royal Diplomas, to be published by KCLMS (Kings College London Medieval Studies) this Autumn;
to Dr Wendy Collier from Manchester, to help towards the cost of preparing her manuscript for publication (also by KCLMS) of groundbreaking research on the Tremulous Worcester Hand, to be published next year;
to James Weale, a student from Bangor having difficulty finishing his thesis;
and to Christina Lee, a Postgraduate at Manchester University, for help towards her costs in completing her thesis.

The award winners also received copies of Lynne's own book Books and Grace, generously donated to the Trust annually to accompany each award

The only difficulty this year was in having to turn down some very strong applications from other scholars with interesting projects. The trustees
feel that this shows how valuable and necessary the work of the Trust is
to scholars and students in the field without permanent positions and sometimes without any financial support. We would like to do more! Funding is of course what counts, and we are very grateful to all who have generously donated to the Trust, either initially or with covenants and gift-aid donations this year.

Help in kind for the Trust has come from many friends in the form of advice, sound academic judgement, and publicity; the trustees are very grateful for
all your help. We feel very strongly that the Trust is making a significant contribution to academic study in the disciplines dearest to Lynne, and a
real difference to deserving individuals in her subject. This is the best kind
of memorial we could make to her love of teaching and of her subject, and her discriminating, compassionate and energetic personality. Any further help you can give, either by donation or by help with publicity (particularly on the Internet) will be warmly welcomed. A publicity card for the Trust is enclosed, in case you know anyone who could benefit, and further information is available from me at the above address and phone number.

Thank you for your support in memory of Lynne.

Yours sincerely,
Liz Mathews,
and the trustees

PS. We hear from KCLMS that their memorial volume for Lynne is progressing steadily and will soon be available.