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Friends of the Lynne Grundy Memorial Trust Report 2011

May 2011

Dear Friend,

In 2011 the Trust has made four equal awards, to four outstanding scholars:


1.  Lucrezia Pezzarossa in the third year of her PhD at York University, studying 'The Ideology of War in Early Medieval England', was awarded funds towards giving her paper at Turin conference (centred on Ælfric of Eynsham) and to attend another relevant conference at Bari this year; her enthusiastic references spoke of her work as of the 'highest calibre', and said she is 'on the way to becoming a truly international scholar'.

2.  Mo Pareles in the third year of her PhD at New York University, was awarded funds to present her paper 'Maccabees and the Problem of Meat in Ælfric' at the ISAS 2011 Conference

Her outstanding references spoke of her as 'a voice of the future of AS studies already among us'.

3. Susanne Gärtner in the final year of her PhD at Munich University studying the Old English Soliloquies was awarded funds for support to finish her PhD. Her exemplary references emphasised that her work is 'a significant contribution to scholarship' and 'should be duly acknowledged'.

5. Chelsea Shields-Más, in the second year of her PhD at York studying 'the role of the reeve in Anglo-Saxon government' was awarded funds to present her paper at the Leeds IMC 2011, and to buy essential books. Her warmly supportive references spoke of being 'extremely impressed' with her 'striking research', and her 'significant contribution' to her 'vitally important topic'.

The trustees were very impressed at the standard of scholarship and level of commitment shown by these scholars, who have all had to make significant sacrifices to enable them to pursue their studies. The Trust is proud to be able to support such valuable work with the generous aid of regular donations from ISAS, TOEBI, and Lynne's colleagues, friends and family. In these harsh times, we are ever more committed to continuing to support scholars who are the future of the discipline, and we are very grateful to all our donors and supporters, as well as the referees who make the work of the Lynne Grundy Memorial Trust possible.

Thank you.