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Friends of the Lynne Grundy Memorial Trust Newsletters 2003

"I would like to thank the Lynne Grundy Memorial Fund for granting me funds towards the costs of attending the Leeds Congress 2003. Thank you also for the wonderful copies of Lynne Grundy's Books and Grace and her Memorial Volume. I shall treasure them as a mark of your invaluable support, and as a precious reminder of Lynne Grundy's work " Award winner 2003

Dear Friend,
Happy New Year from the trustees! We had another excellent year with the Trust and made five equal awards to applicants all with excellent projects all equally appropriate to the aims of the Trust in Lynne's field. The awards were to:
Pirkko Koppinen from Royal Holloway towards presenting her paper on Judith at the Leeds Medieval Congress in July 2003
Rachel Becker towards her international rate fees for her DPhil on AngloSaxon verse in Auden and 20th C poetry
Janina Maleczek towards her PhD at York on the symbolism of birds in AngloSaxon art
Abigayle Smyth towards her Cambridge DPhil on Aelfric
and Dr. Adam Mearns to develop his Newcastle PhD on AngloSaxon monsters and devils for publication.
These applicants once again proved impossible to choose between, so we gave them all awards. We feel very privileged to be able to support such exciting work in Lynne's field.

The Trust is now well established and into our sixth year of awards. The
calibre of past award winners ensures that the Trust is gaining a reputation for supporting really important work, and recipients are now recognised as having a special contribution to make in Lynne's field. I think you'll agree that this is entirely appropriate. We are so grateful for all your continuing support of the Trust, and kind encouragement of us trustees! Next year I'll be sending you a rather shortened version of the newsletter, as we had very few replies to our last year's letter. It made me feel rather like the early days of Channel 4 News, when they had so few viewers it would have been much cheaper to phone them up individually. So to keep the Trust's costs down I hope you won't mind if I send you a copy of the letter we mail out annually to the academic community inviting applications, which contains details of the Trust's latest awards, and a shortened newsletter to keep in touch about the Trust's progress. You can always get details about the awards from our web page at Manchester University's AngloSaxon Studies website, updated and maintained by 2001 award winner Dr. Jo Proud. The address is:

I will continue to send you our thanks for your support and interest, and all good wishes from the trustees. It's so great that the Trust is working so well and able to help so many people just when they need it. I think that's a really appropriate memorial for Lynne.
With all good wishes,

Liz Mathews,

and the trustees