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Friends of the Lynne Grundy Memorial Trust Newsletters 2002

January 2002

Dear Friends,
We wish you all a happy and peaceful new year, and we're glad to report another very successful year for the Trust in 2002, supporting another group of award winners doing remarkable work in Lynne's field. Financially, of course, it seems that the number of perfect applicants increases in inverse proportion to the interest rate. Continuing low rates throughout the year meant a low income for the Trust and so your donations (especially at October, Christmas and February) contributed vitally to our ability to make this year's awards. Thank
you! And the applicants were so good, that we made four major awards, to:
Lorraine Taylor, a PhD student from Belfast researching Bede, to enable
her to attend the Leeds Conference in July 2002, and buy essential books;
Nicola Robertson, a 3rd year PhD student at Leeds, to help her travel to the Kalamazoo International Congress in May 2002 to present her paper and organise several sessions;
Stewart Brookes, a final year PhD student at King's College London, also giving a paper at Kalamazoo on Aelfric's approach to Biblical adaptation;
and to Catherine Clarke, another final year PhD student at King's, towards publishing her brilliant thesis in book form.

Each of these award winners is doing valuable work in Lynne's field; each
of them will be important members of her academic community, and they all share many of her special interests. Stewart Brookes contributed a fascinating paper to the memorial volume of essays for Lynne published by KCLMS, which forms part of the awards given by the Trust, along with Lynne's own Books and Grace' (both volumes generously donated by the editorial board of KCLMS). These people convince us that the Trust is really able, in some way, to carry
on Lynne's own work, by having faith in individuals' abilities and giving timely financial assistance and support, for the ultimate benefit of the whole community. We are so glad to be able to do this with your help and continuing interest in the Trust in her memory. We could not have turned any of them down!

"Lynne is still making a contribution - a real difference - to the lives of people such as myself." (Award winner 2002)

The Trust now has a fully accessible web page at
set up by one of our 2001 award winners Dr. Joana Proud, with Manchester University Medieval Studies Department. This is regularly updated, and several other sites have set up links to it, all of which helps us to reach as many people as possible who could benefit from an award. Any help that friends
can give with publicity is always welcomed; if you know of anyone who could
be eligible, please ask them to get in touch. Our application due date is Easter 2003.

Of course, we strive to keep the Trust's costs to a minimum, and apart from the awards themselves, our only expenses are for printing and publicity. So please let us know if you would like to continue to receive this newsletter; we're sorry to ask you to contact us (you can use the tear off slip: please put your name on it), but we need to keep our mailing list up-to-date, and make sure we're not wasting any of the precious funds in trust with us.

2003 will be our fifth year of making awards, and it was hard to believe that it was the fifth anniversary of Lynne's death in October. The Trust seems one very good way for us to keep her memory green. Thank you for all your support.
With all good wishes,

Martin Grundy, Peter Mathews, Nick Gallagher, Frances Bingham and Liz Mathews. Trustees for the Lynne Grundy Memorial Trust.

"This award has been a real encouragement and affirmation of the research I'm doing. I value this recognition of my work as much as the financial award itself." (Award winner 2002)

"I am also very grateful to be able, in some very small way, to preserve
Dr. Grundy's memory and to continue to further the field."
(Award winner 2002)

Liz Mathews,
and the trustees